Yard Flag Pole

Problem: The flag pole holder mounted on the brick beside our front door got pulled loose from the leveraged weight of the flag and the pull and strain from wind and storms over time. I fixed it, but realized that I didn't like it mounted to the house like that because, 1st, of the damage done by drilling and mounting it to the house, 2nd, the damage done when the weight of the flag ripped out the screws, and 3rd, the fact that we were stuck with is right where it was and, related, my wife could not reach the flagpole to remove it when ready to change out flag or untangle it-she needed a stool or me to reach it. In devising a solution, I noticed some of the folks in our neighborhood had mounted their flag on trees which did get it away from the house, but putting screws into trees has the potential of damaging or killing the trees by creating access for insects.

The answer to the problem is the Yard Flagpole. The Yard Flagpole can be located anywhere you want in the yard. In fact, it can be moved occasionally just to change things up if you want to. The only tool required is a hammer to drive the bottom part into the ground. Flags can be easily changed out even if you're not tall enough to reach the flag, the top part of the flagpole can be removed. The two-piece pole slides together and is fastened by a hand tightened bold and wing nut.

The Flagpole is all steel, dip primed and painted so it is painted inside and out; it should last for decades. It comes with an Adjustable Aluminum 1" Flag Pole Bracket from Seasonal Designs (Home Depot) so it is ready to set up an use immediately. All you'll need to get is a flag and a 1" pole (Home Depot or Lowes).

About 86" total length when assembled. about 12" goes in the ground, flag pole holder will be about 6 feet high. Weighs about 10 pounds.
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