Stackable Foot-Step Stool/Table/Workbench

A foot-step stool/table/workbench is the handiest piece of furniture ever invented; every house has to have a step stool.

This step stool will have a thousand uses:
- Foot stool with the Hogue Adirondack or any other chair
- 1, 2, or 3-foot step stool for getting some altitude for things like painting, decorating the Christmas tree, putting Christmas lights on the outside of the house, reaching the top shelf of cabinets, changing light bulbs, hanging pictures or deer mounts on the wall, and the list could go on and on.
- a comfortable sitting stool
- a multi-tiered table for potted plants, Christmas Villages or other Christmas decorations (after you use it to decorate the tree)
- makes a great multi-tiered end table, there's no end to the books and things it would hold
- makes a great bedside table, again, there's just no end to how much stuff it would hold

Shown are a couple of early prototypes.
Cool Foot-Step Stool